As a result of the non-profit collaborative comprised of the valley’s six water agencies, CV Water Counts has worked hard to educate and create awareness of the need for all Coachella Valley residents and businesses to conserve water. Since the initiative began, our valley has been successful in reaching a considerable milestone, having saved more than 50 billion gallons of water since June 2015. To put the savings into context, in the Coachella Valley, with a population of between 400,000 (in off-season) and 600,000 (in peak season, 50 billion gallons since June 2015 is equal to 2,000 baths per person, 640,000 venti lattes per person, 800,000 pints of beer per person, or 2,500 loads of laundry per person.

Thanks to the invaluable support of the media partners of the Coachella Valley – including Gulf California Broadcasting, Spectrum, Entravision, AlphaMedia Palm Springs, Marker Broadcasting, Lamar Advertising, The Desert Sun, CV Weekly, Desert Star Weekly, The Public Record, and El Informador – CV Water Counts and spokesperson, Splash, has been able to get the word out to businesses and residents. The support, and the campaign, continues.