Every day in the news, there’s talk of people, groups and organizations with conflicting views, differing opinions, and opposing goals. Perhaps it’s time to reflect on and acknowledge those who come together for a common cause for the good of the entire valley.

There are numerous nonprofits and charitable organizations around the valley, doing good for those in need. Here are a few groups that are not charities, yet also do good. Their focus is on our valley as a whole and assuring a bright future for all.

One group, whose members have been working together unofficially for decades, is the Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group. It is made up of the valley’s six water agencies: City of Coachella/Coachella Water Authority, Coachella Valley Water District, Desert Water Agency, City of Indio/Indio Water Authority, Mission Springs Water District and Myoma Dunes Water Company. They have several goals including creating awareness and educating all valley residents, businesses and government on the importance of water conservation. In 2011, to help address this goal, they formed the nonprofit collaborative, CV Water Counts. With the support of community partners and several local media partners – including The Desert Sun – CV Water Counts has helped to educate and encourage us all, resulting in a savings (to date, since June 2015) of more than 42 billion gallons of water.

Another organization that’s really taking the lead in moving our valley forward is the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP) – a nonprofit that’s been around since 1994. CVEP is dedicated to attracting, retaining and expanding business to enhance the quality of life for all of us in the Greater Palm Springs area. It’s made up of a very strong team of staff, board of directors, and investors, and is an impressive mix of government agencies, public companies, all levels of private business and individuals – all working together, actively involved and focused on making our valley grow and prosper.

A third organization that’s done so much for our valley’s growth and success is the Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau – the official tourism agency that serves more than 2,000 business partners throughout our valley – providing sales, marketing, and promotional efforts targeted to potential leisure and convention group markets.

A fourth association that is making a difference is CVAG, the regional agency that focuses on solutions to the common issues of the local governments and the tribes. CVAG’s goal is to promote a better quality of life and balanced growth for valley residents with a focus in-part on transportation, and energy and environmental resources.

These are just four examples, and I know there are more. I believe in and support the efforts of collaboratives and organizations such as these. They’re helping to put the “Greater” in Greater Palm Springs.

(Photo: Ironwood Country Club, Palm Desert)