For the third year in a row, Hunter|Johnsen joined together with LifeStream Blood Bank to promote LifeStream’s Nine Cities Blood Drive Challenge. With the summer months in the Coachella Valley being the most challenging for the LifeStream Blood Bank to receive donations, 2020 proves to be an even greater challenge as a result of the pandemic.

The campaign period was extended by one month, taking place in July and August. A media campaign highlighting the Challenge and the importance of donating blood was developed, and included digital, television (click here to view), radio, and print advertising – in English and Spanish. The creative tied in with the current general awareness campaign “If not us, who? If not now, when?” to reinforce the message that it’s up to each one of us to donate.

LifeStream is tallying the results from the cities each day and posting them on their dedicated event web page here with the winner to be announced in early September. Previous donations have neared the 1,000 mark, and it is expected that the extended campaign will exceed previous years’ totals.