As the U.S. and Canada prepare to reopen, it’s important that businesses be prepared to promote the services they offer. To be in a position to hit the ground running will be critical. Those who do will be steps ahead of their competition. One of the ways to be prepared is to make sure you have your marketing and communications plan – or reactivation plan – set, and that you have ready all of the materials that are required as part of your plan’s implementation.

Not knowing how markets and audiences will behave or react as we begin our ‘now normal’ is no reason to not be prepared. Marketing plans can always – and should always – be adjusted or tweaked for optimum effectiveness. If you plan ahead, you’ll find the process of getting back out there will be far less stressful than if you had decided to just ‘wait and see.’

A number of Hunter|Johnsen clients have fully embraced this mindset. While their businesses may be closed to the public, management knew they needed to be prepared for their re-opening. Preliminary budgets were established, marketing plans were drafted, and collateral materials for various audiences were identified and developed, to ensure they have the tools they need to reach out to their existing, returning and potential customers, to let them know they’re open for business. Now more than ever, it’s important to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The Hunter|Johnsen team has been grateful and honored to be there to assist.