As we go through the COVID-19 crisis, health issues unrelated to the pandemic have not stopped. People are suffering heart attacks and strokes. Car and bike accidents still happen. Cancer patients need transfusions. Organ transplants must take place. People of all ages are in life-threatening situations. The future holds many uncertainties, but one thing is certain: blood is needed every day. Working with LifeStream Blood Bank, the Hunter|Johnsen team created and produced a television and radio public service announcement letting the public know just that.

Two different versions were created: one with imagery showing those in the midst of illness and misfortune, and one with imagery relaying that illness, accidents and tragedies can happen to anyone of us at any time. Both compelled people to donate, but from different angles. The local TV and Radio  stations showed their continued support by airing the PSAs for LifeStream Blood Bank whenever possible. The two versions, one in English and one in Spanish, can be viewed here.