Ironwood Country Club’s Updated Look

Ironwood Country Club approached our team in the summer of 2014 to create an image/brand awareness campaign. Following an extensive review of recent research, the agency worked closely with the Ironwood team, taking them through the brand discovery process. Soon thereafter, the campaign “Discover the Spirit of Ironwood” was created.

We began with an overall rebrand and a redesign of the website. The campaign focused on creating awareness of the beauty of the Ironwood community, its two golf courses, tennis courts, clubhouse, and many other outstanding offerings, including its friendly, “spirited” and down-to-earth residents and staff.

The AAF and Telly-award winning television commercial aired in the Coachella Valley and in the San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles markets. Magazine print ads ran in select publications throughout California and the Pacific Northwest, including Western Canada (British Columbia and Alberta). In addition, a strong digital campaign was implemented in these same markets. A comprehensive award-winning membership brochure was also created, and could be tailored to each potential homeowner and/or member. Elements of the awareness campaign, with updates from time to time, continue to run to this day.

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