For client, LifeStream Blood Bank, what they do can often, literally, be a matter of life and death. Every two seconds, someone needs blood. There’s a constant shortage, and their shelves are often empty. Whether it’s for illness, accidents or tragedy, they can’t help save lives without us.

Working closely with the LifeStream team, in the summer of 2019, Hunter|Johnsen developed and presented a few possible strategic concepts for a comprehensive general awareness campaign. Two of the campaigns were selected, to be tested digitally, with a modest budget. Over a 2-week period, the test campaign alone resulted in more than 150,000 impressions and more than 400 clicks to a LifeStream website Splash page to find out more. Although both campaign results were very positive, the creative concept “If not us, who? If not now, when?” was chosen. To date, the campaign has included digital advertising and print ads, with more to come.