When the new owner of a hotel just outside of Calgary contacted Salt Marketing, they were in need of a brand for their soon-to-open restaurant.

The owner briefed the team that their tabletops would be made from salvaged douglas fir beams. The 56” long beams were made in 1959, in an era when plants across Western Canada custom made beams for warehouses, shopping centers, and structures that wanted large open spaces. Old growth Douglas Fir was the steel of the past and these trees grew up to 300 feet in height. The salvaged beams were re-sawn into smaller slabs, sanded, and finished into custom-made tables.

With the architectural and interior designs available, Hunter|Johnsen created a number of logos for consideration. A choice was quickly made, and several menu designs were created – for every time of day and occasion – that complemented the décor and personality of this trendy eatery.